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Summer Programs

The Liberty Partnerships Program offers summer programming for our students. We have partnerned up with the following programs to ensure we are keeping our students engaged and learning during the summer. We have incorporated programming that with allow our students to build a strong foundation academically, socially, and metally. Applications and information will be provided to students during the school year.




AUNT CONNIES ED-U-KITCHEN- Encourages families to learn nutritional behaviors that achieve & maintain healthy consumption of food. Students will follow Aunt Connie step by step virtually to cook a delicious and healthy dish. All supplies will be provided and dropped off to your home.

SUMMER BOOK CLUB- During book club, students will meet in small virtual groups to discuss a book off of their school’s summer reading list. Through sharing their thinking, they build a richer understanding than any one student could gain from independent reading alone.

FUN WITH SCIENCE PLANTING PARTY- You will never look at plants in the same way after you grow a TickleMe Plant. Students will receive a activity kit that contains everything you need to easy grow your own pet TickleMe Plant that will close its leaves and lower its branches when you Tickle it! You will learn the science behind the TickleMe Plant movements as well as how to have your TickleMe Plant produce its cotton candy like flowers even in WINTER.

Mindfulness Journey- Between school stress, extracurriculars, friend drama, and more, being a teenager is tough. Mindfulness―pausing to experience the present moment only―is a great way to stay focused and practice dealing with one feeling at a time. Students will receive a mindfulness journal which offers a toolbox of simple breathing exercises, easy meditations, and dozens of writing prompts that help you bring mindfulness into your daily routine.  Students will learn how spending just a few minutes a day journaling can make your life feel calmer, more focused, and easier.

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